Step Back In Time Family Trees & Genealogy
Step Back In Time Family Trees & Genealogy

Welcome to Step Back In Time Family Trees & Genealogy


If you are like the average person, you probably know the names of your grandparents and a few facts about where your family's ancestors originated from. You may also know the names of some of your great grandparents, but would you like to find out more?


There are many genealogists who can help you, if you are willing to pay for their time by the hour, which can run into  hundreds, even thousands of dollars by the time they are finished.


What we offer is an affordable alternative to preserve your heritage and hand it down to future generations so that they may know their past history. Remember, someday you will be someone's ancestor as well!


We will take you on a journey through time and follow your ancestors as they arrived in America and learn about their lives both here and in their home country. Along the way, you may even find that you could be a distant cousin or direct descendant of a president or a king, or some noted historical figure.


The adventure awaits you!