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Step Back In Time Family Trees & Genealogy

Step Back In Time Family Trees & Genealogy: Expertise Based on Experience

STEP BACK IN TIME FAMILY TREES & GENEALOGY stands out as a result of its many years of experience and a professional approach. The breadth of our knowledge and individual services are sure to impress you, come find out for yourself!


STEP BACK IN TIME was established in March 2006, although we have been doing family research and genealogy for a combined period of over thirty years.


What was once a hobby has now become a passion! Each new discovery into someone's past is as exciting to us as if we were exploring our own family tree! We have also solved hundreds of missing persons and adoption cases..the excitement of creating a reunion of long lost family members is unparalleled!





When he married in 1989, he learned that his wife's father had disappeared back in the 1960's and no one had ever known where he had gone to. He spent a couple of years trying to find out and in doing so began to have an interest in locating hard-to-find persons. He also started researching his own family tree during that time, and then started helping others find their roots.


While doing a project for one of his first clients after founding STEP BACK IN TIME in 2006, the person asked if he would be able to help him find his first cousins whom he had never met. That was successful, and led to other referrals. After realizing that to make a difference in someone's life was what really mattered , David also became an Adoption Reunion Search Angel.

In 2009, he worked with the producers of the short-lived television series, "Find My Family", in helping the production team find and solve cases which could be aired on the show.


He has been resarching family genealogies for over 25 years, and looks upon each project as if it were his own family that he was researching.


Today, in addition to creating family tree albums and doing genealogy research, he is also involved in working with adoptees in finding their biological parents , and in the same manner, looking for the children that were given up for adoption.


He is experienced in using DNA test results to determine a person's ancestry when none is known because of adoptions.