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Services: Comprehensive and Individual

Step Back In Time Family Trees & Genealogy offers you comprehensive and professional services that are individually tailored to meet your needs. You can place your trust in our reliable services. We can definitely find the right solution for you!

An Overview of Our Services

Family Tree Album


This is our featured product. It is a combined family tree and photo album, in which we can take any of your old photographs of all types and enlarge and reproduce them into full 8x10 glossy photos. (other sizes available). These, as well as the life stories of your ancestors and any documents and articles that we find along the way, are assembled into a handsome framed binder. Each branch of your family will have a story, and they will all be presented to you in a manner in which you can follow their path through history.


This is a great gift idea - making an excellent Christmas presentation, a wedding gift or gifts, birthdays, retirements, Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts, and many other occasions.


We will adapt your ideas into multiple family presentations and gifts for a group with many other options.


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