Step Back In Time Family Trees & Genealogy
Step Back In Time Family Trees & Genealogy



" I want to extend my deepest gratitude to David Guentner who worked long hours in putting together my genealogy books. I highly recommend him. He's extremely professional, thorough and is always in touch with you to make sure everything is correct. Thank you so much Dave. No words can express how much I appreciate this gift!"


-Melanie Lang Gerlach

Rochester, N.Y.



" The book came it is AMAZING!!! I am so happy. I pored over it..and was an hour late for work, Thank goodness I have a great boss and job and I just worked late to make up my work. Everyone should get is worth 3X's the price. I was worried I would not get my money's worth but WOW!!! You must put hours and hours into this and I am so happy to have had you do this for my husband. I hope he likes it 1.2 as much as I do!"

- Sonya Sayre, Hilliard, Ohio



"I gave mom her family tree book you did and she just LOVED IT! She spent an hour going through

just a portion of it.

Thank you for helping make Mom's 97th birthday so special!"

- Judy Scanlon, Orleans, Massachusetts


"I got back in town last evening and stopped by the office to see if the
genealogy book had arrived.  I was delighted to see that it had, and
even more delighted to see how nicely you had put it together.  I was
able to read through most of it last night, and I look forward to being
able to share it with the rest of my family (and with generations to
come)" -Thomas Chestnut, Amherst, N.Y.



"Dave Guentner brings a real passion to helping you research your family tree. He not
only helped me trace one side of my family back to the late 1600's, he also helped me
find over 135 living relatives I never knew I had. Plus, Dave is a pleasure to work with. If
you've ever thought about trying to discover your family history, Dave's the guy to call."
-Thomas Chestnut, Amherst, N.Y.



"Thank you again for the book. I am thankful for the history on my family. I will always
treasure it,"- Sally Dizbon, Shickshinny, Pennsylvania



"What a wonderful surprise! We never dreamt that we would receive so welcome and
valuable addition to our family history..."- Jane Linn, Bridgewater, New Jersey.



"I can't thank you enough for the work you did for me. You altered my life, and
reconnected me with a new family I had pretty much given up hope of ever
finding....Many, many Thanks to you, sir.."   - Richard King, Holbrook, N.Y.



"...she got to looking at hers, and began recalling conversations of her grandparents
mentioning some of the names listed throughout the book...thank you for producing her
family book.....but I'm just overwhelmed and will be reading for a while.."
- Clayton Cody, Meridian, Mississippi



"...It just came in the's BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful piece of work. Thank you
so much. I've just glanced through, and will spend some quality time pouring over it in
the days to come. You've done a great job!..."
- Marcy Downey, Florida



"...You've done a phenomenal job on my family tree. It was a wonderful gift to share with
my Dad. This treasure will be handed down through our family for generations to
- Laurette Ireland, Rochester, N.Y.



" There is an impressive amount of research you've included in this project! It has
brought history alive for all of us. Thank you for this incredible album of family history!..."
- Rory Carrigan, Syracuse, N.Y.



"I started building a family tree a couple of years ago. I got stuck. My great-great grandmother was in the city directory in 1883 and after that, I was never able to find a reference to her.
   I hired David to find out what happened to her and to complete my family tree.  He was able to find out that she married in another city, became a widow, and returned to this city with a different last name.
   In addition, David found a wide variety of documents related to my family, including census records, obituaries, and draft registration records.  He was able to find ship manifests that listed several of my ancestors coming over from Germany and also a family coat of arms from Germany.
   David produced a fabulous, comprehensive family history book that I have shared with my family.  We are delighted and I would strongly recommend David to anyone who is interested in doing family history research!"

-Marie Wolfanger, Rochester, N.Y.


"The children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren thank you for the wonderful Step Back In Time history of our father.....this is a treasure we will keep and pass down for years to come...we thank you for all the time and expertise it must have taken to research this timely information and compile it in this beautiful book."
- Earl & Dee DeRue, Honeoye, N.Y.